Genomics-assisted breeding for boosting crop and livestock improvement



Day 1

Wednesday, May 10

Joint Session with “At the Forefront of Plant Research”

08:30 | Registration

09:15 | Welcome from the organizers

Chair: Laura Botigué

09:30 | Cristobal Uauy Crop breeding as a DNA-assembly problem

10:15 | Nils Stein The barley pan-genome: large structural genome variation is not rare

11:00 | Coffee

Chair: Iban Eduardo

11:30 | Bruno Contreras-Moreira Upgrading the gene annotation at the population level reveals the diverse pan-gene set of Asian rice

12:15 | Dani Zamir Epistasis time

13:00 | Danelle Seymour Integrating scales to traverse the genotype-phenotype divide in citrus

13:45 | Closing remarks for “At the forefront of plant research 2023” conference

14:00 | Lunch / Posters

Chair: Marcel Amills

15:15 | Carole Charlier Mapping genomic loci influencing inter-individual variation in the transposition rate of endogenous retroviruses in the bovine germline

16:00 | Robin Buell Multi-omics reveals mechanisms underlying chemical diversity

16:45 | Andrés Legarra Genomic evaluation methods to include intermediate correlated features such as high-throughput or omics phenotypes

Day 2

Thursday, May 11

Chair: Marta Pujol

09:30 | Alison van Eenennaam Use of gene editing technologies in livestock production systems

10:15 | Pierre Sourdille Improving admixture for the development of original and productive wheat varieties

11:00 | Coffee

Chair: Àlex Clop

11:30 | Hubert Pausch Pangenome-wide association testing in domestic cattle and their wild relatives

12:15 | Fred van Ex Inari SeedDesign: next generation crop improvement

13:00 | Lingzhao Fang FarmGTEx: harnessing regulatory variants for livestock improvement

13:45 | Lunch / Posters

Chair: Maria José Aranzana

15:00 | Richard Mott Toolkits for animal and crop improvement: Multiparental populations to dissect standing variation, and protocols to share proprietary genetic and phenotypic data

15:45 | Hans Daetwyler Collaboration in Academia and Industry: from 1000 Bull Genomes to Vegetable Breeding

16:30 | Closing remarks

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